Sunday, April 12, 2009

almost halfway

it was a rainy day, which means a rainy mood. i was listening to older coldplay most of the entire day. i just came back from dancing though, which was fun. passover began on wendesday. this is my favorite holiday, but this year i couldn't adhere to all of the rules, its a bit hard as a college student. but traditions like these, i not only get to bond with my family, but i learn more about myself and how i should stop taking a lot of things for granted.

i took pictures of my sister printmaking the other day. i might use them for a photo essay for my imaging class, but i still want to travel around brooklyn and take more pictures before anything is final. my sister went to the same highschool that i graduated from to years ago. its a wonderful school, it is one of the reasons why i am at pratt. im so happy and nostalgic of my sister going through the same process, she is really enjoying it and is very talented. her 16th birthday was today.

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